Work from Home and Covid 19

So, we are all working from home, what a dream come true for me at least but I forgot to put the specific’s down on my request form to the Universe. It was supposed to read “Please universe, I would like to work from home with lots of money coming into my bank account so that I do not have to worry, so what’s this work from and covid 19 mistakes you have made?”

Covid-19 Chance to Re-thinkAffiliate Marketing

We are forced to stay home, we can either use this time constructively or destructively, your choice. Destructively can only lead to, let’s say not a good place to go, so let’s choose to go constructively.

We know that the world can’t go back to the way it was, purely because the financial implication of this virus that has hit everyone in the pocket, some harder than others but if we are going to come out, we need to start thinking and preparing ourselves like all business are doing at the present moment, evaluating their positions and what are they going to be doing to allow them to carry on.

We can do the same, we can evaluate our personal stand point. Do we have a job when we go back and for how long or have you already lost it.

Companies and business like ourselves will be doing what is best for them and we cannot hold this against them, this is survival.

EvaluateHow to Evaluate

First step, get a pen and paper, sit in a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed and start writing down plans, your strong and weak points. The list can go on but the point is that the true exercise is when a person sit’s down, puts pen to paper, it force’s one to think, as well having a record of your thoughts allows you to come back as this not a one seating task to get to the answers.

The Big QuestionWhy-Wealthy-Affiliates

I think the big question on all our minds is how we are going to maintain our standard of living. This can be many aspects, obviously it is money but thinking further, business will have to cut costs but not the normal way, travel and big office’s will be a thing of the past, working from home might be a norm for the future so thoughts would go into what would people need to work from home, how would they be productive and how would business / bosses trust their staff to be productive as I know most bosses we know are clock watches but do deny this fact.


There are always opportunities in every event, take history into account and imagine the opportunities after these events:

  • Russian Revolution / 1917History-Presets-Opportunity
  • German Invasion of Poland / 1st September 1939
  • Assassination of John F Kennedy / 22 November 1963
  • Fall of the Berlin Wall / 9 November 1989
  • 9/11 Terrorist attacks / 11th September 2001

The Next Opportunity is in Post Covid -19

The online world is going to bring us together in a new way.

We are all forced to go and work from home, so technology will be used to keep us together and motivated to do our work to earn an income.

With a possible loss of income, many will be looking for a way to earn an extra income with no huge capital outlay.

The opportunity is NOW and it is on this page…….” Drum Roll – Using your Imagination” It’s called Affiliate Marketing.

WHY – Is this the New Opportunity

Well, let’s say your salary has been cut, you are working fewer hours and you are working from home, so now you have less money with the same bills, more time with less traveling providing even more time. The more time you have is just not enough to get another job so you are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Solution: Affiliate Marketing needs an hour or two a day, therefore filling up those extra hours you have now free.

The Compounding Effect

We all understand the compounding effect, take a snow ball going down the hill it collects more snow as it rolls, so the more time you spend on Affiliate Marketing the more opportunities seemed to pop to earn more money as well the work you do is never lost, it stays on the worldwide net for a customer to come by at any time and purchase your product. Work what you do today can earn you income 5 years down the road, if you of course add value to your customers lives.

Here’s a thought, picture those shop owners, who now are not allowed to open their store during the lock down periods and still having to pay those rents. Would your store be closed? The answer, of course not, it’s on the worldwide net, still open to potential clients thus allowing you the possibility of earning an income.

Taking the Opportunity?Affiliate-Marketing

There are many sites out there on the internet that you can learn from on how to do Affiliate Marketing but there are also many traps as well, with long rabbit holes as it is jungle out there. I know because I have personally gone down a few, losing lots of money in the process.

I can only advise you and you have to take the action, knowing this also could be a trap with a long rabbit hole. But I can assure you, it’s the best from my experience.


  • Its Free to start, you get the experience first before you commit
  • There is a community that will help every step of the way
  • Endless training that just never stops and the more experience you get, you can even set up your own training.
  • Therefore, getting training from the guru’s in the field from all levels of expertise and experience
  • The journey is at your own pace


Walking in the field finding a thirsty horse, we lead him to the water trough but only he can decide to drink. So, it’s up to you the reader of this article, I have shown you the opportunity right for this time in history, if you are interested check out Wealthy Affiliates.

Info on This Opportunity.

My Affiliate Disclosure,

As the owner of this website, I have tracked the best deals through my experience and research for the products and services mentioned herein. When you use the links on this page and make a purchase, I may get a small commission for the effort I’ve put in, to bring you the knowledge. It’s a win-win all around. Full disclosure.

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  1. Emma

    Hi there! I believe this post is very realistic, we need to face the reality, the Corona virus will change our lifes forever and the only thing we can do is deal with it, try to be positive and find a solution. I think the idea of Affiliate Marketing is great, internet could be our next chance! Thanks for your post!

    1. admin

      Thanks Emma, appreciate your positive reply.

  2. Maggie

    What the world is going through is terrifying. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Working from home is a new reality now that we need to get used to. That’s exactly what the fourth industrial revolution will enforce Businesses will want to cut costs by operating on small premises.while some people will be working from home. No more big offices like you say. Thanks for the post.

  3. Katherine

    So true. People really need to read this. Thanks for your article!

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