Wealthy Affiliate’s Review – the honest truth

When you are looking into researching or buying a product, we all go to our friend Mr Google. Depending upon what we type into the search bar, is where our  friend will lead us too. Now this can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on your level of understanding of how this system actually works. Today I’m going to give you a Wealthy Affiliate’s Review – the honest truth.

So, my question to you is, why will you believe me. Maybe I’ll give you the Pokemon smile, pull my ears back and flicker my eyelids.

Somehow, I’m not sure if that is going work, so let’s go the old fashion way. The honest truth, back up with some facts and then you’re on your own to make the decision.

BUT, before we move on, be aware that some will use the system to guide on your quest to find the truth and will lead to a site, where they will tell that Wealthy Affiliate’s is not what they say it is and promote their product. Be careful and mindful of the tricksters out there.

Overview of Wealthy Affiliates

Basic Info:

Name of Product: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Inception Date: September 2005

Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com


Website Building & Hosting

Training & Support

Research Tools

My Affiliate Disclosure,

As the owner of this website, I have tracked the best deals through my experience and research for the products and services mentioned herein. When you use the links on this page and make a purchase, I may get a small commission for the effort I’ve put in to bring you the knowledge. It’s a win-win all around. Full disclosure.


Starter Member – Free

Premium Membership – ($49/mth or $359/year)

Now I will rate the above items and I can give them a rating of 90% for all but would you believe me? 

But here’s the curve ball, I have been a member of other affiliate marketing systems for relatively long periods of time and with this knowledge I can honestly give  Wealthy Affiliates a  95% overall on delivery and service for their product. Well Done!


Wealthy Affiliates Winning Structure

They start with training you on setting up a website, the reason for this is that it is your virtual shop from which you will sell products.


As you go through the training, your knowledge increases and your shop becomes more and more professional  but more importantly, they teach you how to attract the right customer to your shop and the better you get the more customers you’ll have.

Training Coupled With Communities Support

This is an awesome concept; you are never alone. Following the training, you have tasks to complete and the tasks follow the structure explained above. Should you get stuck and don’t quite know how to carry on, all you do is raise your hand by typing your question in on the platform. You suddenly have instant access to thousands of people at various levels to help you and should you not have any joy, private message the big boss, Kyle himself.


You might not be impressed with this as most platforms have gone this way in offering support but like all organizations have their own type of vibe which is unique to that organization, Wealthy Affiliates is no different, it has it’s own vibe, created by the owners and the way they inter-act with the community. All I can say is that it is amazing to be part of and learning becomes a fantastic experience.

The Training Platforms

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification
    • the official training
  • Affiliate Bootcamp
    • the official training
  • My Training Activity
    • Endless
  • Training HQ
    • Endless
  • Classroom’s
    • 13 Classrooms
    • Questions & Answers
    • Tutorials
    • Videos

Research Tools

The major research tool is Jaaxy, this tool enables you to search for keywords that will attract your customers to your virtual shop. Just like we attracted you to this review and the trickster attracted you to theirs, you will learn in your training how to do this. But I must ask you now be ethical when you learn the power.


Earn While You Learn

Like all Affiliate Programs, training is part of their business and while they teach you to make money online they also offer you the opportunity to earn commissions promoting their program. Which is amazing because you should always promote a product that you are truly happy with and here you will not have any problem getting excited about Wealthy Affiliates.

When looking for a product to promote as an Affiliate, you need to check four aspects, not cast in stone but it is easier.

  • Digital Product
  • Solves a Problem
  • Recurring Income
  • Free Trial

Well, going through the list above, it’s a Digital Product, it solve a problem by creating you an income, there is a monthly fee, so should you sell the product, every month you will receive a portion and lastly the free trial which is not really a free trial but more of a limited life time access for free. What a bargain!

This is only one way you can earn while you learn because there is a credit system also. How it works is that should you offer your services to give advice on other members websites then you earn a credit, as well as, you may even develop your own training, submit it and get paid for it. This is why Wealthy Affiliates is always evolving because it allows its members, as they become experts in the field pass their knowledge on. These credits that you build up, could even be used to pay for your membership. How about that, Wealthy Affiliates encourage participation as this is the way we learn while we earn.


Affiliate’s In-House Tools

  • Tasks, keeping track of your to do list
  • Stats, keeping track of your traffic coming in to your website
  • Referrals, keeping track of your referrals
  • Messages, setting up your messages, auto-responder
  • Tracking, your tracking links
  • Banners, promotional items that you can use in your campaigns

My Review

After spending a long time on the internet, especially on you-tube I have finally found a program that I can spend the rest of my day’s as an Affiliate Marketer. The training is the best, the communities is amazing, a person / student never feels alone at Wealthy Affiliates. I would like to personally thank everyone who has helped me at Wealthy Affiliates and when I’m an expert, I will give back for the cycle to continue.

What Other’s Say….



I have covered everything from, Training program, community, assistance, tools, costs and earnings. It is now up to you, to make your own mind up, as the old saying goes “Proof is in the pudding”

My Suggestion,

Take on the free life-time trial, set your profile up, participate in the community and then come up with your own view on Wealthy Affiliates.

But in Case you are not sure on my view of point ……………….

It’s the BEST and the Most Advanced & Comprehensive Training in The Industry, get it now by Clicking Here!

PS: Almost forgot about the Free Trip to LAS VEGAS…….sorry no space to explain –  just take your free trial to learn more.

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  1. Morgan

    Hello Barry,
    This is totally good work and so convincing because i read till the last full stop.
    Amazing work and keep it up.

    1. Barry

      Thanks Morgan, appreciate your encouragement.
      Regards Barry

  2. Kemos

    Hi Barry, Wealthy Affiliate is pretty amazing. Your review is clear-cut and to the point. I have not been to the WA boot camp but very informative tips you put out here.
    Keep up the good work
    – Kemos

    1. Barry

      Hi Kemos,I really recommend you doing the Boot Camp as I found it to expanded my understanding a little more in putting the whole package together. Regards Barry

  3. Wilfred

    Great article on Wealthy Affiliate, as a marketer i will like to recommend anyone to get started here because of the features and training they have. It was well researched by you.

    1. Barry

      Hi Wilfred, Thank-you, I will appreciate your recommendations.
      Regards Barry

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