Can I Make a Living Online

Welcome to the answer that so many of us have asked, can I make a living online. Well the answer is a simple one, yes, it is possible but it is up to you.

Old SchoolMeaning of the Word

The meaning of the word Online is “controlled by or connected to a computer”

Controlled by your computer with you behind it, this is probably where most of us fall of the buss. Depending on the year you were born in.

I’m thinking that this is actually where most of the bad publicity comes from. For us not having grow up with cell phones, tablets and computers we find it difficult to communicate, they just don’t seem to do what we tell them to do, they speak a different language, that’s this computer, now called a device.

Compare the World’s

In our world, we like to call old school, we talk to people face to face looking them in the eye thus gaining their trust on the topic we are communicating with them on, where products can be physically seen and felt before any purchase is made.

With the fast pace that the world is operating on there is no time to go around talking to sales people and looking at products that we are interested in purchasing, everything is moving towards the online world whether we like it or not. For example, buying groceries can be done online and delivered to your door step.

Before it was about choosing the right location for your business, now it’s about having an amazing website to attract the internet researcher to your space.


If we understand the concept of online, then “can I make a living online” is a question that we ourselves are able to answer.

What I do think that is confusing is that there is no clear cut method of doing this and because this is fast becoming an attractive way of earning a living, more and more people are getting involved but like in all businesses there are the one’s that are out for the quick buck, just like in the old days.

Let’s take selling cars for instance, you can buy a second hand car from a dealer that promises that it’s never been in an accident but later as the sun bakes on the car the body putty starts to show and then there are the dealers that will tell you truth sell you car that suits your needs and your budget.

Way’s of Making Money Online

Your own website and selling your own product.

Making you-tube video’s, over certain amount of views you will be able to receive payment for adverts running during the breaks on your video’s.

Affiliate marketing, this is one of the biggest ways to make money online because basically you become the sales person for another person’s / companies’ product and it is in this space that the lines are faded.

Drilling down on Affiliate Marketing

DrillingIn a nut shell, affiliate marketing is selling products online that you do not own, for a commission.

Like any sale person, they can lie to you, they can upset you by hounding you and always being in your face or they can understand the customer, educate them on the product, giving them the necessary space to make the decision to purchase.

Let’s compare it to walking into a show room but there are two doors, first door is easy, its open but at the second door there is a fee you need to pay before you enter and that is your email address.

Now they have you, in the old days you could walk out the door if you were not enjoying your experience but because they have your email address.

You now become part of the sale funnel as they call it, automatic emails that go out to you without any effort from the person sending it. You are now on a cycle, feeding you info until you decide to purchase then going automatically onto another funnel with another product on an automatic system.

There are no geographical boundaries, therefore distance is an obstacle, therefore you cannot just hop into a vehicle to go and sort your issue out with the sales person who promised you the world and never delivered. Therefore, lying or just simply stretching the truth is a common problem in the industry, giving it a bad name.


I think now you can start understanding why the industry is getting a bad name, thus creating doubt in the minds and asking if it is really possible to make a living online. There are people out there charging money to teach you strategies that are not sustainable to building a long-term future in the online world.

Proof is in The Pudding

This is an old saying but so true, take a look at what is being sold, how much is being sold and how is it being sold.

Click Banks and Amazon, this are large companies with loads of product, being in the market for a number of years and why do they exist? Well because of affiliate marketers, selling the products for them for a commission.

An Example: Click Bank Product / John Crestani

John Crestani


Take Note:

Avg $/Sale: this is the amount that the affiliate would get paid out.

Avg%/rebill: this is recurring amounts that the affiliate would get paid

Grav: this is a figure that tells us how this product is doing amongst affiliates

The Desperate AffiliateWorried

Now you can see, the affiliates are making a living online but you can also imagine, a computer is accessible to everyone and if you are in desperate need of cash, the temptations is find a cheap course, learn a few technics and hound people and hopefully you will make a sale but this is no way to build a sustainable online business.

The Congruent AffiliateHelping

This affiliate is true to himself, enjoys helping people, does not get in the potential client’s face, builds trust and educates the clients so that are truly happy with the product they purchase.

In Conclusion

The question is answers as a definite “YES” but it comes with responsibilities in understanding the correct and ethical way to run your online business also understanding that it is not a get rich scheme, it is definite a worthwhile business space to be in but like all business it takes time to understand the industry.

Recommended Courses,

Each one has a different angle but give value, choose one that suits you.

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