Mailerlite Review – great for newbie’s

If you are just starting out as an Affiliate Marketer, then this post is for you. As you know Affiliate Marketing is selling other people’s products for a commission. Well in order to do this you need an audience, in order to sell to. We also know that people don’t buy on their first viewing of a product so we need communicate with them on a regular basis and this is done through emailing them with valuable information for them to make their own minds up. Now with being a new affiliate marketer you would want to keep your cost’s down as low as possible so, have a look at this Mailerlite Review in order to make your own mind up on an auto-responder.

The Name


Everyone knows in every business, there is a story behind the name and Mailerlite is no different. In choosing the name they refer to lite being part of their way of thinking. Keeping it lite they refer to the plateform being, clean design with intuitive functionality, serving customers first and helping them grow. You would have to judge them on this after going a few rounds.


Free – 1000 Subscribers & 12 000 Emails/month


The main difference between the free account and the paid version is the limit to 12 000 emails to send out on a monthly basis then it basically goes up with the number of subscribers you have but with the free account you can have 1000 subscribers on your list.

The rest of the pricing plan is actually not an issue for a newbie just starting out but you may check in more detail Here.


  • Starting from the left with the dashboard, summary of the items to the right.
  • Next is Campaigns, where you can set up your affiliate marketing product funnels, which we are not using at the moment as our goal is grow an email list.
  • Next is Subscribers, filtered down into groups but before we go on, let me describe the relationship between groups and subscribers. You can have 1 subscriber which is a member of a few groups depending on how they are moving through your business sales funnels but the good news is that you are charged per subscriber and not the overall count on group members as other auto-responders.
  • Going onto Forms, these are the forms that you embed into your website, requesting information to allow you to communicate to your audience, with their permission.
  • Sites, is where you can create landing pages or even register a website should you not have either but again, we will not be using as our goal is to build an email list to communicate with our audience.
  • Finally, we are onto Automation, this is what you want an auto-responder for to automatically send emails out to your subscribers when they join a group from an embedded form on your website.

Your Goal for having an Auto-responder

Goal: Build an email list to communicate with your audience on a regular basis to send them valuable information on the product you wish for them to purchase through your affiliate link.

For this goal we will be concentrating on Subscribers, forms and the automation.

Setting Up for Your Goal

Step 1:

Create a group, to where your sign-ups are going to be kept.

Step 2:

Create a form, to be embedded into your website

Step 3:

Design your form and Success Message

Step 4:

Set your Double opt-in “ON”

Step 5:

Set your Double Opt-In Email and Thank-you page

Note: There is an opportunity here to now send them directly to a Sales page that you would like them to have a look at. My opinion here is that it is great idea to do this as then your steps are complete at this stage until you move onto the automation.

Step 6:

You are now ready to get your automation going.

  • First Step is to give the Workflow a name and select a trigger. There are a number to choose from but to be in alignment with our goal we will choose “When a subscriber completes a form” then you will have to choose the form.
  • Second Step, you will need to chose the next step, email, Delay, condition or action. Starting with an email would be a good idea as this would be your first communication. Choose the “Legacy rich-text editor” email as this is your best bet to get open rates because emails with large images tend to go to the spam folders.
  • Now for the sake of flows, you can set emails with delays meaning from the time your previous mail is sent how long must mailerlite wait until it must send the next one.
  • Then going onto our next choice, which is a condition with rules and make sure you select “All rules”
  • On your conditions, if they met all the rules, meaning they opened the email, you can apply an action like moving them to an engaged group, so you know that these subscribers, want your information and are not just taking up space on your subscribers list.
  • Lastly, you can grow your auto-responder with just these 4 choices but keep it controllable else you will start losing control. Keep it simple. Email, Delay, Condition & Action


I would say that Mailerlite is the best auto-responder for a newbie affiliate marketer to start with because price and value you get from this platform.

The value you get compared to other free platforms, is that all functions are available to all users, only as your subscriber number increases does your fee go up, therefore you are able to justify the expense.

Should you have joined Wealthy Affiliates and are learning to build an online business, it would be advisable to have a form on your website, not costing you a penny, building an audience with whom you are able to communicate with.

If you have not joined Wealthy Affiliates, give a try here or check our review.

Build Form from Steps in this Post, fill in your details for more Tips:


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