How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business – for basically Free

The world is not going to be the same after Covid-19. So, what we need to do is to find out how to start an Affiliate Marketing business for as little as possible, in order to sustain us through this difficult time.

Why Affiliate Marketing

The reason I say Affiliate marketing is that starting a business is expensive to set up it, finding premises, setting the business up with furniture and technical infrastructure. Then finally finding reliable, competent employees and being able to pay them before the first pay check comes in.Online Business

Now with Affiliate Marketing, all you need is a computer, internet connection and the right course to teach you the ropes, which is the most difficult part but luckily you are in the right place, so keep reading.

Definition of Affiliate Marketing:

“ a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.”

“Affiliate marketing is when a product owner allows other marketers to sell his product and receive a percentage of the sale. … This is different from a pay per click program because an affiliate does not make any money from the product owner unless he sells something.”

Terms above are from Google, in layman’s terms Affiliate Marketing is selling other people’s products for a commission which can range from 1% to 70% and even higher in some cases but these few and far between. The average is between 10% & 50%.

Structure of Affiliate Marketing

Remembering that this is an online business, therefore everything is done on your computer connected to the internet.

Like the shop owner needs to attract clients to his shop, we to need to attract clients to a page on the internet, where the products will be shown compared to being displayed on a physical shelf.

If the client likes the product, he pics it up and takes it to the teller or the shop owner in front and pays for it. Comparing it to the page on the internet the client clicks on the item and the page changes to a page that the client can fill in his payment details and pay for it. The product will then be shipped to the client’s doorstep or emailed to the client should it be a software type of product.


A very simple concept, now the challenge is to get those clients to your page. For the shop owner he chooses the right location and sends out adverts in the form of flyers or puts an ad in the local newspaper. For the Affiliate Marketer he has to find creative ways to get clients to his page.

This page is called a Landing Page and clients to the Landing Page are called Traffic.




My Affiliate Disclosure,

As the owner of this website, I have tracked the best deals through my experience and research for the products and services mentioned herein. When you use the links on this page and make a purchase, I may get a small commission for the effort I’ve put in, to bring you the knowledge. It’s a win-win all around. Full disclosure.

Getting Client’s to the Landing Page – Traffic

This is where most people who have tried the Affiliate Marketing have failed and given up because the concept of affiliate marketing is easy to understand but difficult to implement and if you have been taught incorrectly, you are going down.

This is also where you realize that it was not get rich scheme.


The Sales Funnel – To get Traffic to Landing Page

It works like this, you will need to place ads on the internet, which costs you money which should in principle send people to your Landing Page (Shop). Once again, another challenge is getting the ads approved to be able to run them on Google, Facebook or YouTube. Then if they are approved and good enough to send the traffic to your Landing Page, you will have the potential to earn, if not you could be throwing money down the drain but you would never know until one day you wake not having not made a sale, you quit. Another statistic to the Affiliate Marketing world.

Because of the Known Challenges

Some of the good training programs out there will give you the ads, will give you the Landing Pages and all you need to do is plug into the system and learn while you spend money. Some students are lucky and earn, while others don’t and if they don’t have the staying power they also fall of the buss because remember there is nothing unique about their ads or landing page’s as they are given to all their students.


Some Advice

My advice, don’t frown upon these good training programs, I would say learn from them as they have awesome training material but I would hold off on the spend until you really understand the system and develop your own skills, remembering that you are dealing with people and we all have something unique to offer, so believe in your uniqueness.

The Best Solution – for basically Free

There is an online learning platform called Wealthy Affiliates, where they start at the beginning for free. You will learn how to develop the Landing Page first, only that it is an actual website, to a level that google will send you clients (Traffic) for free. Comparing to setting up a not so great Landing Page or a professional one which is not yours thus losing the uniqueness and spending money to ads to your Landing Page, this is a bargain.

Wealthy Affiliates Explained

The reason why I say “for basically free” is that yes you sign up for free and you have access to one free website and 10 lessons of training on how to be an Affiliate Marketer, which you could use to set up your Affiliate Marketing business but I’m sure after a while you will want to build a bigger business and this will require more training and support which will cost you 49 dollars a month, then if you pay yearly or even 6 monthly, it will cost the price of a cup coffee a day to be a member of the best Affiliate Marketing platform with huge amounts of training and support that will allow you to grow your Affiliate Marketer Business to as big as your heart desires.


The way I see it, is that you have two choices on how to start an Affiliate Marketing Business.






















I would say the best Choice would be to go with Wealthy Affiliates, then slowly as traffic comes in and your business grows bring in the other concepts of Affiliate Marketing. Choice Two is the right one.

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  1. Kevin

    Interesting article on affiliate marketing there Barry and yes you can make money for free if you put in the time and effort.
    But I would recommend that after a couple of months when your site is getting regular traffic add your own autresponder to your website and set up your own email sequence as you dont want all those readers giving their email to another vendor.

    1. Barry

      Hi Kevin, Thanks for your comment and yes I will add a auto-responder a little later down the line as the traffic comes in and the site justifies the spend it will be a natural progression building an online affiliate marketing business. Good advice, thank-you. Regards Barry

  2. LRoller

    I enjoyed reading your content. Information is very helpful and covered all the bases of Affiliate Marking. Awesome information about WA and what they offer. Nice work!
    Great job overall!

    1. Barry

      Thanks Lucy. Appreciate the feedback.
      Regards Barry

  3. Ivan

    Hi Barry, thanks for sharing this awesome article. I learn about affiliate marketing every day, and it’s been the best thing I started in my life so far. Thanks to articles like yours, my career is always on the move toward success. I’m familiar with both ClickFunnels and Wealthy Affiliate and out of those two, WA is most definitely the best choice!

    1. Barry

      Thanks Ivan for your comment, it inspire me and confirms to me that i’m on the right track when I receive comments like yours. Appreciate it. Regards Barry

  4. Jeff

    You are correct people are going to have to find a way to earn an income from home with this virus, and it does not seem to be going away as far as I can tell where I live.

    I have noticed there are many online courses that are free you can learn about building a website and starting a business, and I am wondering would you recommend these courses to be worth taking or would they be a waste of my time?


    1. Barry

      Hi Jeff, Thanks for your comment & question. We all start somewhere on this journey to become an Affiliate Marketer and before we make our minds up, free courses are the way to go, the more knowledge we gain to make an informed decision the better but remember a free course is a way to lure you in so be-careful. If you go the free course route, do a few so you get the broad picture, then you will be able to determine the good from the bad. You-tube has valuable info, variety is big and you won’t have to leave your email before you make up your mind. This is why Wealthy Affiliate is so great, it’s free for life while you experiment and brilliant for newbies in my opinion. Drop me mail if you need further help at and good luck, hope it helped. Regards Barry

  5. Michael Stevin

    Hey Barry,

    Thank you for writing this article.

    I have been looking into affiliate marketing for quite a while now, and most of the programs available online really do seem like get rich quick schemes.

    Plus, they want $2,500 up front a lot of the time.

    I like what you said about Wealthy Affiliate. It sounds like a very accessible program for building an online business.

    I just might have to give it a try.


    1. Barry

      Hi Michael, Thanks for your comment. I have to say WOW and run $2,500 is a lot of money. You are right, you will have to give Wealthy Affiliates a try, it’s free for life to have 10 training sessions and one hosted website but you will want to move on once you see the value. Just to put things into perspective, to compare paying 2,500. At Wealthy Affiliates you will have 51 months/4 years worth of training for the same, this is if you take the monthly of 49 and then if take the yearly, even more. If you are interested, I’m preparing a Wealthy Affiliates Review at the moment as part of my training, check this website towards the middle of next week for a more in depth look at the program but for now you can’t go wrong with Wealthy Affiliates, especially in my opinion, for newbies. Regards Barry

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