How to Build an Email List for Free

Building an online business is easy and hard at the same time, thus confusing. Everyone will tell you, that the money is in the list which is true because it forms part of your business asset. There are many ways to create a list which will be your choice in the end but there will be consequences, like always. Now, how to build an email list for free is a question that all newbie online business owners would want to know.

What is a List?


Exactly what it says it is. A list of email addresses that an affiliate marketer has that he or she sends emails to on a regular basis about products they would like the persons reading the email to purchase.

How to Compile a list

There are many ways to compile a list but there is only one way that is ethical. In my book if you want to build a sustainable long-term online business, do it the right way.

But first, before I share with you the correct method, let me explain the others to you so that you can be aware of them and make your own mind up whether to go down that path or not.

You are a newbie and want to make money as soon as possible,  everyone is telling you that the money is in the list. So, you search you-tube for help. What you will find is that there is actual software out there that allows you to  extracts email address out of google, for any topic you so desire. This then allows you  to compile that list enabling you to send offers of products to it.  Amazing, but not what you should do.

How to Extract Emails, Collect, and Validate? 

How to Get Email Addresses of LinkedIn Profiles

Find CEO’s Email Addresses for Free – Find Anyone’s

Don’t be Tempted to do this ! It will hurt you in the Long Run !

The other way that I was exposed to, was that when I registered for a training program, all newbies got access to an email list that we could use. Now, before you think that this would be amazing as well, remember that every newbie will be sending emails to these email address. Surely this must upset the receiver and when you upset a receiver, they will not purchase from you. The second reason would be that, should you try and upload them onto an auto responder, you will be red flag and possibly your account would be shut down.

The Right & Only Way

Build your own list, which takes a bit of time by signing up to one of the auto-responder companies that will collect your emails from a form and store it for you. When you have a product to offer your subscribers, you are then able to email your list from your chosen auto-responders platform.

Choosing an Auto-Responder

There are really many to chose from, which got me really confused in the beginning. Some will offer you 14 to 30 day free trials but by the time your free trial is up, (Reality) you will still do not have any subscribers, so what will you be paying for? This was always my argument.


  • Get response /
  • Activecampagen /
  • Sendinblue /

Getting Down to Business

Remembering my heading, how to build an email list for free.

As you now know, in order to build an email list, you need an auto responder and if you want to do it for free you will have to choose a free auto responder.

Either, Mailchimp or Mailerlite. From my research and having started with mailchimp I would rather go with Mailerlite, much more user friendly.

Registering with Mailerlite


You would need an email address associated with your domain in order to get approved as well as an address that you would be able to have on emails that will be sent out. Note: You do not want your home address on the emails you send out from the auto responder. So register with your local post office and get a PO Box address.


The free account is limited to 1000 subscribers, which is enough to get you started with and once you achieve this, you should be earning some money to upgrade to another auto responder or to just stay with Mailerlite.

Nuts & Bolts & Let’s Dance !

This is where you must start learning to do the Affiliate’s Marketing Dance !

You must attract your readers / visitors onto a list by offering them what we call a “Lead Magnet”


This is done either by the paid way or the free way.

The paid way is by sending traffic from an advert to a landing page, which will have a free product on it and by the visitor filling in their details will they get access to the product. The free way would be to have a form on your website / blog, in view of the visitor that offers a free product on it and  if they fill in their details, they will get access to it.

Reasons Why This is a “Must Do”

You have chosen to be an affiliate marketer and there are many schools of thought out there, on the net and on how to go about doing this. One is to put your affiliate link on an offer and put the offer in front of people, hoping that they will buy. The truth is that almost 90% of people do not buy on the first sight of a product, therefore you must build a relationship with your audience in order for them to trust you. 

This is done by sending emails that contain value. Creating a conversation and thus a relationship.


Quick Brief on Mailerlight

  1. Set up your free account
  2. Choose a free product, that you could give away as a Lead Magnet
  3. Set up a group name (List) that you would like your subscribers to be kept on
  4. Set up a form with a picture of the free product
  5. Select the HTML Code and insert it into your side widgets on your web-page.
  6. Lastly set up your automation email that delivers the free product to your new subscriber.


Building an email list for free is the first step that any new affiliate marker should do. Why I say for free is that, you should not be paying for a service until you have grasped the concept of giving value for an email.

These skills take time to learn, don’t fall into the trap of trying to fast track the building of the list, it will hurt you in the long run, rather slow, steady and ethical.

  • Slow & Steady Steps


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My Affiliate Disclosure,

As the owner of this website, I have tracked the best deals through my experience and research for the products and services mentioned herein. When you use the links on this page and make a purchase, I may get a small commission for the effort I’ve put in, to bring you the knowledge. It’s a win-win all around. Full disclosure.


Write Valuable Content


After about 5 Post, insert a Form to collect emails with a Lead Magnet.


PS: Choose a niche, build a website offering value with a form in the wings and before long you will have an audience, to which you can offer products that would help them on their journey.

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  1. Pravp

    Money is in the list. They say that line for a reason. Slow and steady wins the race. Thank you for giving this end to end approach. Maybe you can also create another article on mailerlite setup.

    1. Barry

      Thanks Prav, I will do a Mailerlite set / review for my next post. Appreciate your comment. Regards Barry

  2. Gareth

    Thanks for this. Great advice for beginners as you don’t want to end up paying a lot of money for an autoresponder when you’re starting out. And it always pays to do things the right way, the quick solutions (to avoid, as you’ve pointed out above) rarely work and often do more harm than good.

    1. Barry

      Hi Gareth, I created this Blog to share my experiences as I go along because I know how much I struggled to get to the understanding of how actually everything works. My belief is to always learn from someone who has struggled than from someone who finds it easy. Thanks for your comment. Regards Barry

  3. Gary

    Thanks for your tutorial on how to build an email lists for free. As I’m a newbie in affiliate marketing, I definitely want to learn this technique to apply in my website. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Barry

      It’s my pleasure Gary, just keep popping in to my website and you’ll find your way or send me a mail and I’ll gladly help.
      Regards Barry

  4. Jeff

    A very motivating article on how to build an email list for free, and I love your idea of giving a product away to receive email subscribers. So could you maybe share some ideas and ways for someone new to find such a product, I just don’t know what products to choose and even how to find them?

    New but willing to learn from you

    1. Barry

      Thanks Jeff, I’ll gladly do that. Regards Barry

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