How Real is Making Money Online?….is the big question

This is really a big questions and how do I answer it that will make you convinced that this is for real because searching the internet you will a lot of gurus that will tell you that it is real, showing themselves driving sports cars that we can only dream about. Well by asking yourself how real is making money online is the first step to starting your online business. Think of this, the internet is making the world a village and we need to learn and adapt ourselves to working in this village as it comes with no step by step guide but many will want to follow their guide as it will make them money.

Painting the 1st Picture

You want to start a business, let say an Electrical Contracting business. I choose this as an example as I have some Contracting Buisnessgreat experience in doing his. First of all, you will need a place to work from which requires some money for a deposit and first months rent. Secondly you will need a vehicle or two to be able to service your clients. Thirdly, you will need some qualified staff to do carry out the jobs you send them to. Fourthly, you will need to find the work that your staff would need to be sent to in order to generate an income for the business.

Not going into too much detail, after you have completed the four steps above, you would have not had received a cent yet as you would have spent money on rent, vehicles, staff and advertising.

All the above also has an assumption that you know how an electrical business works.

Painting the 2nd Picture

Online BusinessNow you want to start another business, let say an online business because this is the buss word. First of all, you would need a place to work from, a website. Just like rent you would need to purchase the domain. Secondly you will not need vehicles as you would not need to travel to your clients door step, so moving onto the third point, you will need to choose a product that you sell like to sell on your website being it a physical product, digital or a service. Fourthly, you will need to find clients that would like to buy the choice of product from your website.

The second picture also assumes that you know how to put all this together.

Comparing Pictures

I would say the second pictures would take less money to get off the ground but would require more time in understanding the workings because when you chose the first business, it was because you understood the electrical game and all you would need to learn was the business aspect.

Choosing the second business, we did not study the computer world, thus we are at a disadvantage in knowledge.

This disadvantage that we all feel in choosing the online business becomes a selling point for other online business owners who have chosen their product to be, teaching you the online world.

Online Teaches

This is where you can lose faith in the online world. Like having a bad maths’ teacher at school and having to take extra maths’ lessons just to pass or not getting those extra lessons and failing.

The difficult part is finding the right course or teacher that you are able to understand and learn from.

Like school maths’ teaches, they have the power to make it a wonderful experience or a bad one that you give maths’ a bad revenue.

On to the Basic’s

Choosing your place of work, your website can be quite a task as their are many service providers but what you need is a domain and hosting. Do some homework on this.

Going on, choosing a product sell. You have either got a product or you need a product to sell. Also, their are many platforms that offer multiple products that you can sell, which you can earn a commission from. Do some homework.

And lastly on basic front, find buyers through advertising. Also do some homework.

Why spend time on the Homework

From my experience who ever you choose to teach you or the course you decide to take, they tend to skip on the full understanding of the basics which leaves you frustrated and the risk of stopping and then giving the online business space a bad revenue.

By doing your own research, you will not be tricked into taking on the first teacher that contacts you through an email which you will receive once you start searching on the platforms for information. Sign up to all get the free training you can always unsubscribe once completed but it is important to learn as much as possible before you start on this journey.


Why do most of us try start in the online world, most probably we need money fast. If you need money fast don’t tryOnline Traps this as it is not a get rich scheme, it might look easy and some will tell you it is easy, making money in their first week. This is false, run away or close your lap top, this will not happen. Any business no matter what you want to start, takes time to learn to pay the SCHOOL FEES.


The question was how real is making money online? The answer to the question is that it is very real but does require a full understanding into the online world before money can be made.


Recommended Research

Teaches, there are many videos on YouTube that you can watch to get the feel of the online world, watch as many as you can as this will then give you a broader understand and you will then be able to see the guru’s from the fly by nights.Teaching Tool


My Affiliate Disclosure,

As the owner of this website, I have tracked the best deals through my experience and research for the products and services mentioned herein. When you use the links on this page and make a purchase, I may get a small commission for the effort I’ve put in, to bring you the knowledge. It’s a win-win all around. Full disclosure.


Programs that I have purchased, which I constantly revisit lesson material and as my understand of this world grows, I learn more are:

To give you a brief on John Crestani, Super Affiliates System. They teach you the concepts of marketing online, going into the technical as well as your own mind set to be a winner. He himself advertisers a lot on you-tube so you can pick up a tone of videos their for your research. He also has already made system that you can go right ahead and start by just following his way. My take on this is that, everyone is doing that so rather learn how to do it from him and make your own way. There are also forums on his training platform that you can interact with other people round the world who are trying to make it in this online world.

This started out as AWOL Academy but has changed to FULLSTAQ, due to changes in ownership of the company. Keala Kanae is the man that we learn from and the biggest lesson that I have learnt from him is that he says keep it honest be congruent with your audience, keep it real and true. The platform also as a community but link to a face book page which only members are allowed to chat with rules. The training you receive here is really good.

This is my newest platform that I’m now member of, their is no once of fee it’s a monthly subscription and I can truly say for beginners it’s the way to go as it starts from the real beginning of building a reputable website. Building your brand.

  • Summary

Each one of the above platforms have their strong a week points and it is my opinion after a lot of research (about a year); these are the best in the business.

Have a Look.

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