Fake Guru’s – 10 Signs to watch out for!

Eventually, someone is asking the right question and making us all wanna be Affiliate Marketers sit up a take note. Have we been taken down the garden path by the Fake Guru’s of this make money online industry? Not knowing any better, how do we tell?


Being a wanna be Affiliate Marketer myself, I’m always researching the internet, educating myself on different strategies on how to go about marketing when I came across this guy on You Tube, calls himself “Coffeezilla”

This website being called “Best Footprints to Make Money Online” I have to be honest to my readers and  let them know about this thought-provoking guy but unfortunately, we all have to make our own mines up. So, carry on reading with an open mind.

10 Signs to Watch Out For

  1. Master Mind
  2. Cars
  3. Disparages real job’s
  4. Live Webinar
  5. Paid Course
  6. Younger than 35
  7. Financial Claims
  8. Runs Face Book Ads or You Tube Ads
  9. Free Book
  10. Endlessly talk about Mentors

Keeping Score

Watch the video to check out his scoring but basically 1-2 you can let it pass from 3 upwards start getting worried and the higher you go, start running.

Let’s Analysis

My opinion, let’s not panic. Entertaining crosses my mind but it did make me wonder if I was wasting my time on this journey.

To put your mind at ease quickly, you’re not, take a look at my article on “How Real is Making Money Online”

Remember we are human and all our minds work differently, the guru’s are all just using different strategies to get our attention to purchase what they are selling. It is up to us to make our minds up on which path to follow, through our own research and due diligence.

Cruel World

Imagine if all marketers were honest, would they their products sell? Take a beauty product for example, would you buy a product if the product was advertised by an ugly model and would you buy a diet product from a Fat person, properly not. 


Just what the gurus are selling, a dream lifestyle. What is associated to dream lifestyle? Before you answer, here is a thought. If you had to win the lotto, would you or would you not buy a smart car.

You might say different things but for the average person subconscious mind, it’s a smart car.

Smart Car

So, coming back to the cruel world. If you are a marketer you are going to use the psychology against your audients to try and get them to buy from you.

How Far Do You Stretch that Psychology?


If I were standing in a gurus shoe and was asked that question, my answer would be, all the way to the edge. 

Take sport for example, when is the ball out? When the ball crosses the line?

No, when the lineman’s calls the ball out, thank goodness for replays.

I always tell my son, when watching a professional side play a game. Every player on the field knows the rules and plays to the edge of those rules, crossing some times without the referring seeing thus frustrating the opposition, now suddenly they have an advantage.

10 Signs Reviewed

Starting with the first one, mastermind. From the book “Think and Grow Rich” it talks about the most successful people in this world, were all part of mastermind groups. This is a group of people having a common goal, which share thoughts and ideas with each other in order to accomplish that goal. You and your wife are a mastermind group as well.

I would say, not a bad thing providing that you get value out of it by participating in the discussions.

Cars I have explained, it’s the dream of abundance, like winning the lotto which they are addressing here. Maybe they even hire the cars for the day, who knows?

Dishing real jobs, making you feel that you are not achieving by having one. To be honest with you, if I had stayed in my real job years ago, I might have been better of today but I lived an exciting life. It’s about those choices we make in life.

Live Webinars are actually not live, pre-recorded but that you could have figured out for yourself.

The other day I was attending one and the link dropped out and I immediately went into a time machine, to start at the beginning with timers and everything waiting for the class to fill up.

Not sure why they don’t just be honest with this one, maybe it’s aimed at the masses who are not aware of it but to me it’s a bit on the border line.  Ask for the TV referee.

Paid courses, not sure why this on the list, they are a business need to sell products to make a living.

Younger than 35 years, has a point. Maturity is the question here and going onto to those huge claims of students making so much money in so little time, is questionable at best. Maybe its true, you can decide.

Running ads, not sure why this is on the list either, all I can say they are a business and they need to run those ads. With the Free Book, I would just say thank-you.

Lastly, the endless talk about mentors, also sales talk as everyone knows that if someone had to hold your hand on this journey, it would be amazing. Guaranteed success. If this actually happens, I would not know because I would think that a mentor actually could not take on a lot of students, if they are mentoring properly.


We live in a world, where knowledge is available and if you are entering into a new industry, well you need to do your homework which is your responsibility. There are many traps out there designed to catch you when you are most vulnerable. Always be aware that they are trying to sell you something even if they say they are not.

Last Say:


My turn “NOW”

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